■ VPN (Virtual Private Network)

- Built up in-between the head office and other offices in our network, for enhanced information secuirty


■ Anti-virus / Hacking Program

- Protecting Computer Systems and Programs from Possible Virus/ Hacking Attack


■ Dual Webpage & Email Systems

- Gabia and Whois are the best and biggest domain & web hosting service providers in Korea.
- We have twin web pages at and, and is built on Gabia server and is built on Whois server.
- Likewise, emails from/to use Gabia name server, and those from/to use Whois name server, which enables us to have seamless email communication with partners and clients all over the world.

■ International Logistics ERP Solution

- Linked up with Customs House, Airlines, Shipping Lines and Bonded Warehouses
- EDI (Electronic Data Interchange), AWB, B/L Printing
- Performance Record / Customer Management


■ UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) System

- Equipped in Seoul Head Office
- Able to supply electricity to Seoul Head Office for 10 hours during black-out
- Protecting computer system from sudden power-offer and keeping communications undisrupted during black-out