Jun Kim / M.A.
Managing Director

Jun Kim studied and worked in Australia, Canada, Korea and Singapore.

He got his bachelor's and master's degrees from Korea University in Seoul Korea and he was hired by Korean Air in 2000, when he worked as a researcher for a government project named "Brain Korea 21" which was designed by the government to bring up gifted researchers in Korea in the new millennium.

At Korean Air, he worked as a cargo manager, a training manager and a procurement manager, and during his 17 years at Korean Air, he completed variety of courses related to air cargo transport and its management, and set up various training programs and courses for new recruits.

He has travelled around 80 cities in the world so far. He still spins around the world with intensive business travels to meet various people in the different backgrounds, and he would wish that you are the one of those!



Load Master, Korean Air Incheon Airport Cargo Hub
Delegate, SkyTeam Cargo Operations & Purchasing Working Group
Logistics Quality Assurance Manager, Korean Air Cargo Headquarters
Cargo Operation Manager, Korean Air Singapore Cargo Office
Training Manager, Korean Air HRD Center
Procurement Manager (B747-8i, B777-300ER, A330-300E, B787-9), Korean Air Procurement Department



Load Control
Dangerous Goods Handling
Live Animal Handling
Heavy & Oversized Cargo Handling
Pharmaceutical Goods Handling
Aviation Security
Hazard and Safety Risk
Terminal Management System
Project Management
Quality Auditing
Emergency Response
Airline Marketing
Human Resource Management



B.A. Political Science, Korea University
M.A. International Relations, Korea University
Researcher, Brain Korea 21 Project (Government Scholarship Course)





Jenna Song / M.A.
Business Development Manager

Jenna Song majored in French region studies in university, and got her master’s degree in English literature from Dongguk University.

Before she joined Korea Indev Aerosea Ltd., she studied and worked in France and in USA.

A variety of multicultural work experiences helps her to develop business with our overseas partners and local customers.